Bathroom Cleaning Tips

One of the parts of the house that people run away from cleaning is the bathroom. This is the area which is the most important part of house cleaning. House cleaning cannot be concluded if your bathroom is dirty. There are some very easy things that can be done to clean the bathroom and that too, which would make this part of house cleaning pleasant for one and all the members of the house. If you are not hiring house cleaning brampton. This would be beneficial for the home manager too.

Here we discuss step by step that can be done.

Collect the tools – mildew remover, bleach, disinfectant cleaner, gloves, soft scrub for cleaning glass, a bucket and a used toothbrush.

Put on the gloves and scarf and then spray the mildew remover or bleach all over the bath tub and other areas that are to be cleaned. Leave it for a short while. In the mean while you can put disinfectant in the toilet bowl. The gloves are worn so that the harsh chemicals do not harm the hands.

While the disinfectant is working in the bowl take the sponge and clean the outer part of the bowl right up till the floor. If you want your bowl to shine as a new always apply some elbow grease after you have cleaned it from inside and outside both.

Now, move back to the bath tub and the shower. You may have to re wet them a few areas. Then rub them nicely with the scrubber so that the entire mildew remover and the soap scum are all removed. This would take a lot of time and energy if it is very dirty and the soap is too much on the surface. The tub wall and shower must … Read the rest

Get Your Car Accident Claim

Getting money from a car accident claim is tough. Insurance companies have been known to downplay the amount of your accident damages, personal injuries, and even argue over how you say the auto accident happened. The end result is you feel frustrated and get significantly less than what you deserve from your insurance settlements.

Here are 3 simple ways you can prevent this and increase your car accident claim:

  1. Take pictures

The first thing you should do is get lots of pictures of your car accident scene. Having lots of pictures from the crash site will clearly show the amount of your damages. If you have lots of pictures, the insurance company can’t deny the extent of your damages.

To increase your auto accident claim, you should take pictures of:

Damages to both vehicles from the outside and inside.

Pictures of road signs.

Weather Conditions.

Other drivers license plate and vehicle model.

Road damages such as skid marks.

Personal injuries or bruises.

Positions of vehicles before they are moved.

You can also use the accident pictures to explain who caused your car crash. You can combine, a seemingly useless picture of which direction traffic was going, with a picture of your vehicle damage to show the point and speed of impact. You can then use this information to more vividly describe how your accident happened. Best of all, you story will now be backed up by proof.

The next thing you should do is…

  1. Review Car Accident Report

The police report can be the most accurate source of information about your car accident. The report contains important information such as:

Names and addresses of witnesses.

Information about the other driver (e.g.: driver’s license number and auto insurance company.)

Citations and traffic violations.

A diagram and description of how the accident … Read the rest