2020 Honda Civic Type R review: Better living through technology

The little visible tweaks to the front bumper are welcome, considering how huge and monochromatic

The little visible tweaks to the front bumper are welcome, considering how huge and monochromatic individuals intakes are.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

It took pretty some time for Honda to lastly carry a Civic Style R to the US, but when it did, Us citizens were being still left staring down a person of the best driver’s cars and trucks in ages. It swiftly introduced alone to close to-deity status amid Honda admirers and critics alike. So, the place could Honda perhaps go from there? For the 2020 model yr, the automaker did some nipping and tucking that, in virtually each way, somehow built this presently-terrific incredibly hot hatch even much better.


  • Superb driving dynamics
  • Ideal shift linkage in the industry
  • Right each day livability

Will not Like

  • Polarizing styling
  • No heated seats
  • Sound synthesizer is just the worst

The biggest gripe I hear about the Civic Style R, irrespective of model yr, focuses on its hyperstylized aesthetics. You will find no getting all around how garish this five-door is, because no matter the angle, your eyes will gravitate to still one more oddball vortex generator, dive plane or ingestion duct. When some of the vents are, in fact, mainly for exhibit, there is a fair bit of genuine engineering tucked absent in here. In the 2020 refresh, Honda enlarged the grille to enable extra air throughout an enhanced radiator for much better cooling in substantial-overall performance scenarios, but that experienced the downside of decreasing downforce, so the automaker also altered the front spoiler to make up for that. Some new system-color items assist crack up the dark masses of monotony on the reduced pieces of equally bumpers, but to be straightforward, most folks will never discover anything’s transformed exterior.

The Style R’s inside gets some extra notable updates, for much better or for worse. The steering wheel is now wrapped in Alcantara suede, which gives a awesome grip but will undoubtedly wear to an iffy patina in time, particularly if your fingers have a tendency to be sweaty — it really should assist in winter, though, considering the fact that cold leather-based is hardly ever entertaining to touch. The inside is not far too a great deal different from the Civic if not, sharing the very same outstanding establish excellent and one of a kind dashboard structure, albeit with some purple accents and faux-carbon-fiber trim. The seats, which are distinct to the Style R, offer outstanding bolstering and are mighty relaxed for extended stretches. It is, however, a important bummer that the front seats usually are not heated, considering literally each a person of the Style R’s competition figured out how to jam some factors into the cushioning. As a Midwesterner, occasionally I speculate if Honda considered about destinations exterior California when assembling this thing.

You may not feel of the Style R as a household auto, but it is really nevertheless a mass-current market hatchback underneath all this frippery. The front half of the auto is loaded with storage, like two capacious cubbies on the front stop of the centre console, as properly as a deep, modular cubby farther back again containing the sliding cup holders. The next row only seats two folks — you can find a tough-plastic insert with cup holders and storage involving ’em — but leg- and headroom is extra than sufficient for a auto of its sizing. Out back again, the hatchback holds an outstanding 25.7 cubic feet of groceries or mulch or whatsoever, which is extra than the Volkswagen Golf R or Hyundai Veloster N can regulate.

No matter your feeling on the 2020 Civic Style R’s aesthetics, you can find no denying just how great this auto is to travel. To me, the Style R signifies a person of the most elegant overall performance-auto experiences that can be experienced for underneath $50,000 — or, hell, $100,000. It’s been a bit sharpened for 2020, far too, thanks to ball-joint and bushing updates front and rear. Flip-in precision was presently a person of the Style R’s powerful satisfies, thanks in part to properly weighted, lively steering, and the little underbody tweaks give me a miniscule but nevertheless apparent enhancement in dealing with. When a corner approaches, the Style R is hardly ever caught off guard, ready to toss its bodyweight to the exterior wheel and dig in with just a smidge of steering input.

The Style R’s conventional two-method adaptive dampers go on to make for fantastic experience excellent. The suspension now screens the experience 10 times extra generally, but this is not what you may discover. Even with using on 20-inch wheels and damned-skinny 245/thirty Continental SportContact 6 summertime tires, the Civic is incredibly easy in the softest Comfort method, soaking up most road harshness and only speaking the important things through the system. But it is really not like easy is sloppy here in fact, Comfort remains extra than agile plenty of for backroad sprints. If you seriously delight in sensation each pebble underfoot, things get considerably stiffer when you force the method swap to the default Activity or the hardcore +R.

For 2020, the Style R’s 2.-liter turbocharged I4 remains the very same, developing 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. Hooking the tires up demands dry pavement, but in the proper conditions, this hatchback flies. Some complicated suspension geometry keeps torque steer from living front and centre in the driving expertise. I know this may put me in the minority, but at no point have I at any time wished this auto would choose up further driven wheels. Entrance-wheel travel is fine. The Style R’s solitary driven axle has no traction or obvious understeer concerns at the limit — it is really just entertaining, all the time, with a incredibly substantial overall performance ceiling.

Honda really should just take this manual’s fundamental mechanicals and put them in a museum. The adhere is that great.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

And then you can find the shifter — my god, this shifter. Only put, it is really the best manual transmission obtainable anyplace in the industry. The clutch pedal is a small numb, but the chunk point is communicated properly plenty of to make easy starts simple to pull off. The linkage alone has the most satisfying feel relocating involving gears, and a new weighted shift knob seriously would make me feel like I’m workin’ for it. Every manual Honda would make really should have these pieces, and each manual other automakers develop really should be compared to this a person right before leaving the engineering stage. Mix it with a rev-matching-downshift system that provides pitch-perfect revs each time, and the Civic Style R just feels like a properly-fitting glove on each travel. It’s a person of the most harmonious driving experiences obtainable.

The only poor alter for the 2020 Honda Civic Style R is the addition of a sound synthesizer, which is complete, unequivocal bullshit. It’s at its quietest in Comfort, which is partly why I continue to be in that method ninety nine.five% of the time. Shift to Activity and the sound coming through the speakers grows extra noticeable, with an at any time-present, unpleasant thrum at highway speeds. It’s downright unacceptable in +R method, droning on constantly without the need of making the auto feel any sportier. Why Honda did not just incorporate a bodily flap to the exhaust — or come across consolation in the fact that the auto is sorta peaceful — is over and above me. The Hyundai Veloster N’s variable pipes toss out legit sounds with overrun pops and burbles, and that auto is way cheaper than the Style R. Which is the form of pomp and circumstance I want in an cost-effective incredibly hot hatch, not this lab-engineered crap. Worst of all, you can not turn the damn thing off I’m praying the aftermarket finds a resolution here.

1 new piece of tech in the 2020 Style R that doesn’t suck is Honda Sensing, the automaker’s suite of energetic and passive protection systems. The sharpest auto in Honda’s portfolio now comes conventional with automated crisis braking, adaptive cruise management, lane-retaining support and lane-departure warning. LDW is a small sensitive, but typically, the systems just hold out in the track record. 

Undoubtedly it can not be unattainable to enhance the Civic’s in-auto telematics with Honda’s hottest software. Though, if it has not occurred by this point…

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Usually, the tech is all the very same as right before, with Honda’s Exhibit Audio infotainment system operating on the 7-inch dashboard touchscreen. It’s an previous system, lacking the flashier appears to be of more recent Honda getups, but it has embedded navigation and equally Apple CarPlay and Android Vehicle are incorporated, so that’s great. The absence of rear-seat USB is a bummer, as are the charging speeds of the obtainable USB-A ports. You happen to be in all probability not purchasing this thing for the telematics, though, and what you get is extra than sufficient.

The 2020 Honda Civic Style R is obtainable in just a person trim, with no manufacturing facility solutions, for $37,950 like place. Which is only a couple of hundred bucks extra than right before, still you get a fair bit of new package tucked in there — Honda Sensing by yourself would make this a value. It’s now extra highly-priced than the Subaru WRX STI at $37,895, but the Honda’s superior establish excellent shines through. The VW Golf R remains north of $40,000, whilst potential buyers get two further driven wheels and a significantly extra adult aesthetic. The Hyundai Veloster N starts at $28,575, and though it is really down some 50 hp, a $2,100 overall performance deal adds 25 hp, a suitable energetic exhaust, summertime tires and a restricted-slip differential. Its most relaxed suspension setting is nevertheless mighty stiff, though. If you want anything even extra hardcore, it may be really worth waiting for the Style R’s forthcoming restricted edition.

When not each enhancement could be observed as this kind of, it is really outstanding how Honda managed to after again raise the bar with the 2020 Civic Style R. Smaller tweaks give this five-door screamer even extra agility, though new tech offers potential buyers extra bang for their buck. This auto is going to be a tough act to top rated for a extended time.