Day: March 4, 2020

Solar for the People | Michigan Technological University News

L’Anse leverages utility and university partnerships, as well as the know-how of its
biggest asset, its citizens, to set up local community solar.

The village of L’Anse is a compact city in Michigan’s Higher Peninsula on Lake Superior’s
Keweenaw Bay. While minimal, the local community has a thing large to boast about: A 340-panel,
one hundred ten.5 kilowatt (kW) local community solar array. 

The concept powering the array, which is found in the village’s Lambert Road Industrial
Park just west of city, is that renewable vitality should be available to all, irrespective
of earnings. After performing on an economic advancement review with the Western Higher Peninsula
Scheduling & Advancement Location (WUPPDR), the village identified it would be useful
to have a renewable vitality ingredient as component of its industrial park, and began performing
with Michigan Technological College college and learners on complex and social
features of undertaking such a project.

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