Day: March 18, 2020

Inside Woolworths, Coles online delivery shutdown – Finance – Cloud – Networking

Punch-ups in supermarket aisles. Worry pasta buying. A countrywide obsession with bathroom tissue.

And a freeze on on the internet product sales.

Australia’s countrywide flip-out may possibly make for torrid nightly news and large social media targeted traffic, but it is time for a little bit of a sanity look at.

The actuality, no make any difference which way you spin it, is that the infrastructure that underpins Australia’s still nascent on the internet grocery supply industry was just in no way likely to cope with the COVID-19 surge.

Not simply because the on the internet checkouts froze, not simply because of DDoS like targeted traffic and not simply because of a lack of items.

Coles’ and Woolies’ on the internet portals are down simply because when genuine stress grips, there is just not the human or robotic muscle to deliver on demand spikes that seemingly vortex in on on

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