AirTV 2 review: Cut cable, stream local antenna TV with no monthly fee

Sling Tv was the to start with live Tv streaming service when it went live

Sling Tv was the to start with live Tv streaming service when it went live in 2015, and following 5 years it is still a person of the finest values for wire cutters at $thirty per month. The service retains its price ranges reduce than rivals like YouTube Tv because it would not carry local channels like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in most elements of the place. The AirTV, now in its second iteration, is the great Sling Tv companion and a great benefit in its very own right. This hardware tuner box lets you check out and history these missing local channels without the need of spending any regular monthly price. Just incorporate a $10 antenna


  • The AirTV 2 is inexpensive and integrates seamlessly with Sling Tv.
  • Will not need a Sling Tv membership.
  • No regular monthly price.

Really don’t Like

  • Will not involve a tough drive.
  • DVR cannot pause live local Tv.
  • Not able to check out channels by way of a net browser or on Apple Tv.

Compared to the excellent Amazon Fire Tv Recast however, the $ninety nine AirTV 2 is not (however) a slick, hassle-no cost upgrade. To start with off, you can expect to have to incorporate your very own external tough drive to turn it into a DVR. Second, it would not enable end users pause local Tv, and it would not perform with all platforms — you cannot use it to check out by way of desktop browsers or the Sling application on Apple Tv

Whilst the AirTV is not the to start with DVR I might recommend to wire cutters (that would be the Fire Tv Recast), the AirTV is a ton less costly and performs finest for Sling Tv subscribers who want to check out live Tv sports and other local programming. And in spite of the actuality that it makes use of the Sling Tv application and menus, you will not will need to be a Sling Tv subscriber to use it. 


Air TV 2

Sarah Tew/CNET

Let’s get this out of the way to start with: like the Recast and other fashionable networked about-the-air DVRs, the AirTV 2 would not link to your Tv at all. As an alternative, it connects to your residence network by way of Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet and sends live about-the-air Tv from a connected antenna to your mobile or clever Tv gadget. To in fact check out the Tv applications, you can expect to use the Sling Tv application on a person of these gadgets, for illustration a Roku or Iphone. 

The first AirTV was an Apple Mac Mini-measurement gadget embossed with what looked like a sneaker’s tread. The AirTV 2 is a full redesign that will take up less room and has a sleeker visual appearance to boot. It sits vertically, like a fashionable cable modem, but it is considerably more compact — it tapers out to 2.3 inches extensive, five inches superior and 6.five inches deep. 

Connections involve USB, Ethernet, coaxial antenna and 802.11ac wi-fi. The gadget has two onboard tuners so you can history or check out up to two channels at as soon as. 

It really is worthy of noting that the proprietary electric power connector is kind of funky — it clips in like an Ethernet cable. So, if the electric power adapter will become dropped or weakened, this procedures out 3rd-celebration replacements. Complete disclosure: we did misplace the aggressive Fire Tv Recast’s adapter and getting a substitution for that has proved to be tough. 


It can be utilised purely as a live Tv tuner, and our assessment of the first AirTV assessment was centered exclusively on that capability, but adding an external tough drive adds the ability to history. The organization would not stipulate any distinct requirements for the form of drive besides that the external gadget need to be amongst 50GB and 2TB in measurement.

Compared to the Fire Tv Recast, which has an built-in tough drive, there is still a ton of things you will need for the AirTV 2. I utilised a moveable tough drive — a WD 2TB Features Moveable ($forty seven at Amazon) — indicating no additional electric power brick. But, the drive, the interior antenna and its USB umbilical still will need to be placed somewhere.  

Air TV 2

Sarah Tew/CNET

The AIrTV is developed to perform with applications for Roku, Amazon FireTV, Android Tv, iOS, Android or AirTV mini or AirTV participant. Be conscious that the local channels won’t load if you’re looking at on a net browser or an Apple Tv ($179 at Apple) you can expect to only see the normal Sling Tv channels.

Also keep in brain that the AirTV cannot history streaming channels, just local kinds, so if you’re a Sling subscriber you’re still limited to that service’s cloud DVR — and its 10-hour or fifty-hour recording restrict — for non-antenna streaming channels like TNT, ESPN, CNN and the relaxation.

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Like a usual human male, I did not use the Rapid Set up information involved in the box. That was a mistake. The AirTV 2 set up was contrary to the first edition in a person major way: it would not use the AirTV application. As an alternative, set up is accomplished by way of an simple-to-overlook alternative in the Settings tab of the Sling Tv application termed More than the Air Channels. To men and women like me who stumble into this, if this alternative was termed AirTV 2 set up or even More than the Air Channels Set up it would have been considerably much more straightforward.

With a $10 antenna and my moveable drive connected, the relaxation of the set up was straightforward. The device will enable you tune in to all of the offered local channels in your region. In my assessments in New York, for illustration, I was in a position to look at and history 76 distinct channels. 

Working with the AirTV 2


Distant streaming local channels from the AirTV 2 on an Iphone

Screenshot: Ty Pendlebury/CNET

A ton of the AirTV’s success or deficiency thereof is dependent on how you sense about the Sling Tv application by itself. It really is not as striking as Hulu with Live Tv or potent as YouTube Tv, but it does what you will need it to — allow for you to check out Tv. I mostly utilised the Roku application at residence and the iPhone ($699 at Apple) app even though roaming the streets of New York City, streaming Tv from my antenna at residence. Accessing the live local channels is accomplished by way of the Channels menu alternative, and you can select More than the Air Channels exclusively by way of the “hamburger” menu button in the corner.

Whilst accessing the channels about my cellphone it took all around 6 seconds for most channels to load, and up to 8 seconds for kinds at the extremely end of the spectrum. In comparison the streaming channels took anywhere from to five seconds, but bear in brain assessments like these are dependent on so quite a few aspects together with your residence add speed. Except you have a ninja residence network connection, it is probably that streaming channels will load quicker than these from the AirTV 2 in most scenarios.

The locals’ photograph good quality was indistinguishable from that of the streaming channels for the most portion, and this was following selecting the Finest Good quality alternative in the Iphone application.

Air TV 2

Sarah Tew/CNET

The AirTV 2 does have its restrictions, as beforehand talked over, and these could be the deal-breakers for some men and women. Offered that you can pause (on most) streaming channels employing the cloud DVR, the lack of ability to pause live local Tv is a small annoying. Also, if you’re anyone who likes to go away a browser open and listen to a video game even though operating you can rule that out now. No issue whether you’re on a cellphone browser or the desktop you won’t be in a position to see any of the OTA channels or check out any of the recordings delivered by AirTV 2. You will see the streaming channels only. The same goes for Apple Tv.

Need to you acquire it?

If you are, or system to be, a long-term Sling Tv person, then the AirTV 2 is a extremely very good benefit. Compared to the $55 value of Hulu with Live Tv, the AirTV 2 will shell out for by itself in four months. The actuality that the AirTV will still perform without the need of a Sling membership will make this device a tremendous-inexpensive DVR, however the deficiency of live pause and browser assistance is restricting. At $ninety nine, additionally about $fifty for the tough drive, the AirTV is however an excellent benefit for wire cutters who want to stream their antenna Tv. But spending a bit much more for the Fire Tv Recast is a improved transfer for most wire cutters.