Telstra stops offering 100Mbps services for NBN FTTN/B/C users – Telco/ISP

Telstra has stopped providing 100Mbps solutions to people in NBN Co’s fibre-to-the-node, control and basement

Telstra has stopped providing 100Mbps solutions to people in NBN Co’s fibre-to-the-node, control and basement footprints.

The cease of sale, which was initial reported by CommsDay, signifies that people of FTTN, FTTB and FTTC can only sign up to a maximum 50Mbps strategy when connecting by means of Telstra.

“We have made a choice to only present quality pace (NBN100) on FTTP [fibre-to-the-premises] and HFC [hybrid fibre coaxial] for the time staying,” a Telstra spokesperson verified to iTnews.

“The cause for this is since a selection of our customers on FTTN/B/C do not have connections that are capable of accomplishing 100Mbps.

“It is generally the situation that customers that sign up to these ideas will be subsequently notified that they are unable to achieve major pace and stop up downgrading to a lessen strategy or leaving.”

The spokesperson indicated that there was extra to the cease sale but would not disclose where by the telco’s contemplating is.

“We want to assure these customers have the greatest probable expertise when related to our ideas and hope to have some information before long,” the spokesperson stated.

For now, people hoping to sign up with Telstra would be presented a maximum of 50Mbps speeds.

The cease sale is most likely to be a major shame for NBN Co, but extra so for the Coalition govt which pushed for copper-based solutions to be utilised in the NBN rollout.

Retail service vendors have formerly been fined by the Australian Levels of competition and Buyer Fee (ACCC) for signing FTTN/B/C people up to ideas that their traces are incapable of accomplishing.

This has led RSPs to sign FTTN/B/C people up to minimal-tier ideas and present updates later only when they can be specific of what the line can do.

However, in Telstra’s situation, FTTN/B/C people can only improve to a maximum of 50Mbps, and are unable to get speeds over and above that, even if their traces can go a lot quicker.

Up to seventy five percent of these types of FTTN/B/C people never ever see the topline pace of their ideas.

NBN Co has managed this may not be an situation, considering that the person may be inclined to spend for a 100Mbps service to get greater than 50Mbps speeds. However, that only operates when RSPs present it as an option.