UK publishes framework for talks on post-Brexit EU-UK data flows

Facts defense is just 1 facet of the agreement that the British isles and EU

Data protection is just one aspect of the agreement that the UK and EU will need to reach before the end of the year

Facts defense is just 1 facet of the agreement that the British isles and EU will need to have to access ahead of the stop of the yr

The British governing administration has revealed its ‘explanatory framework’ for post-Brexit data flows amongst the European Union and the British isles.

The sequence of seventeen documents, revealed on Friday, give an overview of the UK’s lawful framework for private data.

“Adequacy decisions are the European Commission’s lawful system to aid the free of charge move of private data from the European Union to third international locations. They can encompass data flows under the GDPR for standard and commercial needs and data flows under the LED [the Regulation Enforcement Directive] for legislation enforcement needs,” the Office for Digital, Tradition, Media and Sport explains.

Shipped by way of Short article 45 of GDPR and Short article 36 of the LED, adequacy decisions confirm that the third country’s data defense specifications are ‘essentially equivalent’ to those of the European Union. They are adopted on the basis of a favourable evaluation of the third country’s data defense framework by the European Fee.

Whilst the British isles implemented GDPR, it was augmented by the Facts Defense Act 2018, which both equally complemented GDPR and current the Facts Defense Act of 1998.

“The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (EUWA) incorporates straight applicable EU legislation into British isles legislation. This incorporates the GDPR and is named ‘retained EU law’,” the legislative framework doc notes.

It carries on: “Beneath the EUWA, Ministers have the electricity to introduce secondary legislation, by means of statutory instruments, to prevent or remedy any deficiencies in retained EU legislation that end result from the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.”

As a end result, the UK’s most important data defense legislation as a result consists of a blend of what is been named ‘UK GDPR’, as incorporated under EUWA amended by regulation, and the Facts Defense Act 2018. 

An agreement on data defense flows amongst post-Brexit British isles and the European Union is critical for the economies of both equally blocs, specifically with so much enterprise and trade going digital.

EU private data-enabled solutions exports to the British isles ended up valued at close to £42 billion (€47 billion) in 2018, in accordance to the governing administration, even though the worth of exports from the British isles to the EU ended up pinned at £85 billion.